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The true story of Christmas a Yule tale - (VIDEO) - 1080p

True story of Christmas a Yule tale

Hi, I got inspired by a RedIce Radio interview on 18.Dec.2015 -

I took the "True story of Christmas a Yule tale" and made from various Youtube videos a foreground, let's say a little movie. Some materials are copyrighted. I do not intend to monetize this video or use it commercialy. I made this video for educational purposes here on youtube. I will give a credit for the video scenes by adding their channel links into the description.

I made the video with Sony Vegas 10. Re-encoded with SonyAVC high-profile.

Audio: the firecracking and wind blowing is from the original audio recording. Couldn't and can't do much about that.


True story of Christmas and a Yule tale :

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Stretch out your hand. Stretch out your hand. Don't you have a greeting for me? Today of all days? Ending and beginning day. The day of death and new birth. Try "Merry Solstice." or "Solstice greetings." You have forgotten me, haven't you? Your children tell sweet tales of me and you laugh behind their backs but I tell you, your children are wiser than you.

The Holly and the Ivy,
When they are both full grown
Of all the trees that are in the wood
The holly bears the crown
O the rising of the sun
And the running of the deer.

A red deer comes over the hill. Shoot your arrows as you will. The deer will stand there still.
Red, cat-like on the hearth, striped with gold. Spitting and twisting, would eat the whole house if you let her.
One-legged seamstress, has needles but can't sew. Wears the same green gown each day, and a white overcoat in winter.
Kindle the fire! Heat to heat, light to light! Give back fire to the sun at mid-winter. Bring new fire to each home. a burning log from the forest. Fire to ease the birth-pangs of the sun. Wither, wither, black flowering night. May your dark juices bleed, burn up like a pool on the summer plain, shrivel like a stain upon sand, dwindle to a basalt pebble, tiny as a slow-worms eye is. Vanish, to nothing.

Come to me, and you shall see the rebirth of the sun. The glorious Solstice. I am the Shaman. Remember. Whom some call Father Christmas...............................­.

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