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Frank Chester, 2nd Anniversary of the NFTC, 3-29-15

Frank Chester, 2nd Anniversary of the NFTC, 3-29-15, Part 1/3

The 2nd Anniversary of the New Form Technology Center in San Carlos, Ca.

A note for my subscribers: The use of the term New age in this presentation was unfortunately a poor choice of terms, since Frank does not support the new age new world order agenda. The term more appropriately used is "New Era", so as to distance his work from the many false works regarding Sacred Geometry found in the jesuit-zionist-masonic-illuminati owned new age ecumenical movement.

Frank's work is pure and free of any agenda other that teaching Sacred Geometry and stands alone! It is not part of any new age agenda of deception and Frank is not associated with any of the groups who are controlling the world through the false new age spirituality being pushed by tptb for their one world religion, ecumenical movement..

The Lecture focuses on the "Unity" of two hearts coming together. Frank reveals the "Hearkaba" to humanity which is like the so-called Merkaba, only instead of being the dead lifeless static tetrahedrons inner penetrating each other in opposite directions, the Hearkaba in contrast is the dynamic flowering of the Tetrahderons . The Herkaba is "Chestahedrons" coming together through a spiraling penetration into each other, which reveals the dynamic vortex actions of the Chestahedrons as demonstrated in all of his work explaining this invisible space geometry which controls the form and motions of the Human Heart!

This symbolizes two hearts coming together in Unity. And, it represents the very foundation of humanity coming together in Unity to make this world a better place through higher awareness and the applied efforts of mankind using the gifts of intelligence, logic, reason and Universal lawfulness to see deeper into the mystery of Creation and it's Creator. Making a deeper spiritual connection between man and Creator by understanding the unseen processes by which our Creator is weaving the light illusions of form and substance that give us a material existence from which we can "know" and experience the manifold wonders of our Creator's Creation.

@ 30:30 Franks Reveals for the first time to humanity the shift he performs on the Flower of Life, by rotating it 15 degrees. The result is the transformation of the 2d Hexagon which is clearly seen in the Flower of Life to the 2d Circle created by this same pattern when dynamic motion is applied to the static geometry of this ancient symbol. I was recorded on the Post and Lentil based construction of a Temple found buried 50' deep under the sands of Abydos Egypt predating dynastic Egypt by thousand of years. Meaning that it is pre Egyptian and of an unknown highly advanced Culture which used a different form of construction from that of the Egyptians. The same culture which built the Sphinx Temple, since the construction is identical.

The true dating of this Flower of Life which is etched into Granite at Abydos is unknown, but since it is 50' under the Egyptian ruins it speaks of a time possibly thousands of years before the time when the Egyptians decided to set up their civilization amidst the ruins of a far greater civilization which predated it.

When this 2d Hexagon changing to a 2d circle is extended into three dimensions we see a cube (hexagon) changing into a Sphere (circle) through the rotational motions of a vortex. This is a massive confirmation of the work of Walter Russell since the Cube and sphere are the two working forms of Creation by which all geometries are in the process of becoming either one or the other, through the one spiraling vortex force called electricity (motion).

The implications for this are extremely profound and Frank Chester is the mind behind this deeper insight into the force and forms of Creation. This alone is worth an Abel Award. Let's all make sure he gets the support he needs to bring his world changing insights into the realm of mathematicians and geometers, so as to raise the bar from the current level of studying the old static dead geometric forms of the past, to the new living ones which give form to all life when dynamic motion is applied to them.

Produced by Robert Otey Filmed at NFTC in San Carlos, Ca 3-29-15

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