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Russian General On The Psychopathic And Degenerate Global Elite Who Genuinely Enjoy Killing

Konstantin P. Petrov (August 23, 1945, Noginsk, Moscow Region - July 21, 2009, Moscow) - Soviet and Russian military leader, a Russian social and political activist. Candidate of Technical Sciences. Member of International Informatization Academy. Major-General. Prematurely discharged from the Armed Forces in November 1995. Chairman of the Presidium of the Central Council of the political party "Course of Truth and Unity." Head of the department at the Udmurt State University.

here's a bit bio on this impressive man btw: In 1967, he graduated from Serpukhov higher command and engineering school of rocket armies
In 1976, with the gold medal the team Faculty Academy of missile troops of Dzerzhinsky.

The service was held in the military space Forces in the far North, in Ukraine, in Kazakhstan, in the Moscow military district and the city of St. Petersburg. Just replaced the 11 locations, passed all the stages of a platoon commander to General. Latest posts:

is the Commander of the Regiment is 7 years;
— Deputy Head of Baikonur is 4 years;
Deputy Chief of the Mission Control Center, the spacecraft — 3 years;
— Deputy Chief of military space Academy. A. f. Mozhayskiy is 2 years.

The military rank of major general.

Candidate of technical sciences, academician of the International Academy of informatization, honored Communicator of Russia, honored pilot of the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the development and testing of a space system "Energia-Buran" and other complex systems.
Has extensive experience managing large teams of people in full production, economic, military, scientific and research purposes, including in complex emergency situations.

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